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 How to: Paint your wheels

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PostSubject: How to: Paint your wheels   Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:55 pm

I know I did this a while back, but I figured there are new people on here that might like to see it.

What you will need.
--Your wheels (duh). Wink
--Sand paper. Rough, medium, and fine. Your choice on actual grit count.
--Wheel paint

I'm painting a set of factory BMW BBS mesh type wheels. Keep in mind I am using two different colors. If you are spraying with only one color, you may not need the tape or template. Be sure to tape off the valve stems if you don't intend on replacing them.

Step 1.
Sand existing paint off of the wheel the best you can. If the wheel isn't really bad, you could just get a way with a fine grit to rough it up enough to get the paint to stick.
Spray the lip of the wheel with silver (or any color you choose) wheel paint. Make sure you use a high quality paint with good resistance to weather and chemicals.
Let dry and apply another coat. Let this coat dry also. Apply as many coats as desired (I used three). I used a cut-out template to protect the spokes from overspray.

Step 2:
After removing the template, tape off the lip (after it has dried) of the wheel this time. I used painters tape that can be purchased at any hardware store. I don't have a picture of me taping of the wheel, sorry haha. After taping off the lip, its time to spray the center.

Step 3:
I used a high temp gold that I only found at NAPA autoparts. At this point, the center should be sanded and ready for paint. Apply paint in even strokes, making sure you cover entire center of wheel. Let this first coat dry and then apply another. I used three coats in this process as well.

Step 4: Remove tape from lip of wheel. Both painted sections of the wheel should be exposed, with no more tape left on the wheel.

Step 5:
Time to apply the clear coat. Spray evenly across the wheel with the clear coat. Let this coat dry and then repeat. Again, I did three coats.

After wheel is dry, it should be finished. Here is the finished product! Very Happy

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How to: Paint your wheels
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